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Eashwar Subramanian is an ambient music producer from Bengaluru. India. Eashwar has produced over 300 tracks over the past five years and has released 3 ambient albums- Ambient Hamlet, Polar Drift and Across The River. His works from Ambient Hamlet have been featured on the "Stasis Report" playlist by Marc Weidenbaum, noted ambient music critic and author of Selected Works of Aphex Twin. Eashwar's ambient works have been experiments in improvisation and blend genres ranging from indian ragas to electronica to western orchestral elements. Eashwar began producing electronic and ambient music in 2017, after a brief period of piano lessons and electronic music production, to create soundscapes that conveyed a sense of tranquility. Apart from albums, Eashwar has also been part of 3 Pan Indian and Global Ambient music compilations- Peninsula Vol. 1 , Social Isolation-I and Social Isolation-II Eashwar was listed among the top 10 ambient acts to have emerged from India in 2017 by The Wild City Magazine, upon the success of his sophomore album Polar Drift. His works have featured fairly consistently on Rolling Stone India, The Wild City Magazine, Score Magazine and A Humming Heart. You can reach out to Eashwar with comments and feedback on the music on : electronicgharana@gmail.com




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Subcontinental is an independent label founded in India to cater the need and hunger for intelligent unconventional music. The label focuses experimenting on a common musical point with elaborate arrangements and textures sprawling through varied genres of music.

Tune in to experience some real music, featuring veterans from varied parts of the world playing different sub-genres of music such as Ambient, Jazz, Noise, Downtempo, IDM, Dub, Techno, Drum n Bass, Jungle/Gabber, Footwork, Electronic/Experimental music, Free improvisation, Structured improvisation, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal and other forms of Extreme Metal.