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Arun had his first stint with music at the age of 7, when he started his training in Indian Karnatic music, since then his career has revolved around playing a range of instruments, everything from the Djembe to the Guitar and the Bass.

He is known for his work with Bangaluru based progressive heavy metal band Eccentric Pendulum and previously with Extinct reflections.His latest ventures include an old school death metal project with Hannes Grossman(ex necrophagist/Obscura). Arun is also the Founder/Lead A&R in Subcontinental Records who has been instrumental in curating more than 20 musicalprojects in a year. In 2018 he made his first set of electronic tunes and also played in a few festivals as a drum n bass/ambient/noise DJ under the moniker IcosTech, Since then he has participated in a couple of ambient/noise experimental releases for the label Along side Toshinoti Kondo and more recently with Mia Zabelka.




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Subcontinental is an independent label founded in India to cater the need and hunger for intelligent unconventional music. The label focuses experimenting on a common musical point with elaborate arrangements and textures sprawling through varied genres of music.

Tune in to experience some real music, featuring veterans from varied parts of the world playing different sub-genres of music such as Ambient, Jazz, Noise, Downtempo, IDM, Dub, Techno, Drum n Bass, Jungle/Gabber, Footwork, Electronic/Experimental music, Free improvisation, Structured improvisation, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal and other forms of Extreme Metal.